Stack of red Running Is Life books.

PRINTED in an Epic Book

Your memories preserved. Your voice celebrated. Your transformation on display.

Your story deserves to be preserved

Ron Tran smiling and wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap and shirt reading "Iron Man".

Ron Tran

"My heart stopped for six minutes."
Blonde runner wearing a baseball cap.

Julie Manning

"I felt carried the whole way."

Drew Clancy

"Don't give up. Keep going. Keep pushing."
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1 Kickstarter Project 3 AMAZING PRODUCTS

Your running experience will be curated alongside other runners’ stories in a premium coffee table book, your audio interview will be captured and shared with you, and you’ll get some sweet swag.

You Get:


Your Story    Your Photos    Inspirational Quotes    Epic Photography

Open book showing a silhouette of a runner and quotes from another runner.


Red and black Running Is Life merch, including a t-shirt, stickers, baseball cap, and duffel bag.

#3 Your Audio Interview

Your Story    Your Voice    Digital Access

Laptop, tablet, and phone on a red Running Is Life webpage, showing the audio recordings from interviews.


These are visual references to give you the flavor of the book’s future design. Many factors will determine the design choices made within the final publication, such as the number of stories, the length of each, the number and size of your personal photos, and the number and size of our chosen imagery.

Our designers are talented and dedicated publication designers, committed to creating a beautiful book worthy of display on your coffee table or shelf, or given as a meaningful gift.

Swag Close Ups

Sticker 3-pack

Three Running Is Life stickers in red, white, and black.

comfy branded t-shirt by american apparel

Two red Running Is Life t-shirts with the word "or" between them. One is a crew neck men's cut, and one women's cut.

Sports Cap

Two Running Is Life branded baseball caps with the word "or" between them. One is black with white text, and the other is white with black text.

Adidas zip (Men’s quarter-zip or women’s full-zip)

Two red Running Is Life branded quarter zips with the word "or" between them. One is men's cut and the other women's.

Weekender Bag

Black Running Is Life branded duffel bag.

How Long WIll It Take?

Based on our historical experience, once Running is Life funds, we will complete it and ship out final publications in 5-6 months; typical project timeframes are shown to the right.

5-6 Months Total Duration

(From funding to completion)

Why Do It?

Running is never just about the running – it’s about the REASONS we have for running. The transformation that’s happening in our lives. In our newest publication, Running is Life will:

Connect the global community of runners

Capture our inspirational and insightful experiences

celebrate them in a meaningful, personal, and tangible way

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Everybody has a reason why they run and no one story is going to be the same. That’s something beautiful about the running community; it’s a safe place for people to share their stories, and that’s why I think this book is so unique — it gives everybody an opportunity to share their story and to feel known.

— Julie Manning, Austin, Texas


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